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I’m a translator. I have the technical chops to get nitty and gritty with developers and the big picture thinking that helps clients see the value professional advertising and design bring to their brand.

When I was 5, I said I wanted to grow up into an adult. I’ve been trying to take it back ever since. I’m a quick thinker who can go from Axe to Ann Taylor before you can hit “retweet.” I believe that advertising is the key to building engaging brands with lasting legacies.

Most days, I can be found muttering about the poorly behaved drivers on GA-400 and tucking tags into strangers’ shirts for them.

I think good manners are more important now than they ever have been before. Accordingly, I’ve started a small project called Good Effing Manners.

As a student, I’ve had my work featured by the Institute of Packaging Professionals as well as on Fast Company (Save Dave/Conservation International).